Doldrums “Lesser Evil”

Doldrums "Lesser Evil"

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ABT030: Doldrums “Lesser Evil”
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1. Intro 1:07
2. Anomaly 4:24
3. She Is the Wave [ft. Guy Dallas] 2:59
4. Sunrise 2:02
5. Egypt 5:54
6. Holographic Sandcastles [ft. Sami Nacomi] 4:30
7. Singularity Acid Face 1:18
8 Live Forever 4:54
9. Golden Calf 3:14
10. Lost in Everyone 4:38
11. Painted Black 3:27

Doldrums first full length, Lesser Evil, comes after many years of smaller EPs, performance, and video art. Airick Woodhead, deeply entrenched in the Montreal and Toronto DIY scenes, has been a longtime friend and collaborator of Arbutus — who will present the LP on Feb 26th.

Woodhead is “immune to technology”; the singer, producer, multi instrumentalist certainly uses technology hard enough that it breaks down completely; the cover art for Lesser Evil is simply a photograph of his broken Laptop screen. The album features warped short-looped samples, which congeal with drum parts and Woodhead’s distinct falsetto, creating a live energy that is experiential, raw and solitary.

The live show takes these songs and sets them with percussion – often with two or more live drummers on stage. The songs on Lesser Evil shift with the energy of experience, a notion that plays strongly on Doldrums entire aesthetic – exploring the disorienting, exotic and truly compelling experimental realm of Airick Woodhead.