Lydia Ainsworth “Right From Real”

Lydia Ainsworth "Right From Real"

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Lydia Ainsworth
ABT043: Right From Real
CD / 12 “Vinyl
1. Candle 3:16
2. White Shadows 4:47
3. Malachite 3:17
4. Take Your Face Off 3:29
5. Moonstone 4:15
6. Hologram 4:04
7. PSI 4:21
8. The Truth 3:58

Blurring the boundaries between indie music, flmic orchestration, and electronic music, Lydia’s debut “Right From Real” thrives on haunting melodies and draws inspiration from a wide range of musical sources – Verdi’s Requiem, Ace of Base, Bulgarian Choirs, Bernard Herrmann, Tones on Tail, Art of Noise… to name a few. This sense of unexpected marriages of influence flows throughout much of Lydia’s work which features use of voice sampling and string arrangements woven into a unique minimalist fabric.