Blooming Summer
Blooming Summer Blooming Summer Blooming Summer Blooming Summer

Blue Hawaii

Blooming Summer



The warmth of the electronic element is almost frightening. By this I mean to say, that music of this tremendous beauty, composed through elements completely opposed to natural history, seems to vaguely hint at a new precipice of human evolution, where we lose track of ourselves entirely. Who is this second Prometheus whom hath given us this blue flame and how does he suffer for his generosity?

But now we must speak plainly… Blooming Summer seems to come together with an un-canny ease, one that could only possibly express a true and monumental love between its two collaborators. Do not even attempt to show me a more beautiful voice or gentle nature than Raphael’s, for you will not be able to find one. As Percy Blysse said to Mary Shelley whilst rowing their boat across the River Styx: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll cherish you always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

For the moment, I need no other piece of art than Blooming Summer. I am satisfied and can rest in harmony with the blooming summer. Girls and boys, they love in the colour blue…

1. Lilac 3:47
2. Dream Electrixra 2:47
3. Katie 2:37
4. Blue Gowns 3:19
5. Belize 3:42
6. Castle Of Clouds 3:14
7. Lonely Hearts 3:31
8. Sparkle Market 0:54