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Born At Midnite is the faux-vanity project of Amery Sandford and David Carriere. Jamming strictly ‘post-party’ with a finish line posture – either completing or scrapping a song in a single evening – the Montreal based duo began writing together in late 2018. Employing samplers, tape machines, and an extemporaneous approach to songwriting, the duo establish an eerily familiar atmosphere through an unpolished lens of thin ice. Playing into whilst poking fun at our era’s omnipresent narcissism and self indulgence, the group stitch together an unsponsored sort of ‘product-placement-punk’.

Their new single "Pop Charts" was written cynically after hate-bingeing the Netflix tour-de-faux 'Westside', a show that parades a handful of insecure influencers who are tasked to create a hardship themed musical in an LA nightclub. Opting to skim the surface instead of bottom trolling for clichés, the song knowingly toys with purposefully played out lyrical concepts - inevitably arriving at a "lonely at the top" pseudo-anthem that's destined to quietly bang from a clock radio inside a cubicle. Atop a metallically thin shuffle the vocals accelerate from candy aisle casual to rhapsodic cartoon, summoning a saxophone solo by Mitch Davis fit for a Late-Nite TV Finale.

Side 2 features the chump change stadium rocker "Cruise Control". Calling back to late 20th century imaginings of western decline, the song leisurely examines the dissonance between apocalypse hysteria and just wanting to chill.

Amery Sandford is a visual artist and the causal power-pop songstress of Alpen Glow. David Carriere is a producer, songwriter, and guitarist in the band TOPS, and most recently working with Marciii, and Sorry Girls.

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Born At Midnite est le faux projet de vanité d’Amery Sandford et David Carriere. Jamming strictement après le parté, soit en complétant une chanson en une seule soirée ou en la supprimant d’un seul coup - le duo basé à Montréal a commencé à écrire ensemble fin 2018. Employant des samples, des magnétophones et une approche extemporanée de composition de chansons, le duo crée une atmosphère étrangement familière par le biais d’une couche mince de glace dépolie. Jouant tout en se moquant du narcissisme et de l’indulgence omniprésents de notre époque, le groupe a assemblé une sorte de « placement de produits punk » non commandité.

Amery Sandford est une artiste visuelle et la chanteuse power-pop causale de Alpen Glow. David Carriere est un producteur, compositeur, et guitariste du groupe TOPS, et plus récemment avec Marciii et Sorry Girls.

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1. Pop Charts 2:19
2. Cruise Control 2:34