Earth to Friend

Pop Winds

Earth to Friend



Earth to Friend is the latest and final release from Montreal experimental psych-pop favourites Pop Winds. After three years, a nationwide tour and countless shows, the group recorded one final album before parting ways in the summer of 2011 to pursue highly anticipated solo projects.

With nods to both Krautrock and Post-Punk, this album sees Pop Winds assimilate their musical influences into the fully realized stylistic hybrid promised since the band’s inception. While existing fans will revel in the strides made on Earth to Friend and cherish the album as a parting gift, the significant bounds from its predecessor are also sure to turn a whole new set of fans on to the group’s musical legacy. Recorded and mixed by Matthew Otto in a luggage warehouse from October 2010 until May 2011.

1. Phonon 3:20
2. Lyra 1:02
3. Sunlight 5:15
4. Easier 5:54
5. New Times 1:58
6. Sight 5:37
7. Last Thought 1:18
8. Earth To Friend 5:14