Eternally Girl b/w Angel (Cassette Single)

Mozart's Sister

Eternally Girl b/w Angel (Cassette Single)



Mozart’s Sister - the solo project of Montreal’s Caila Thompson-Hannant - delights in making glittery, celebratory pop with underlying vulnerability and emotion. Her new single Eternally Girl is a departure from her 2014 critically acclaimed debut Being. The character in Eternally Girl comes to realize that she hasn't become the grown up she expected to become and in turn, embraces the fluid and ephemeral quality of life. The line, 'I could be the one that you love' is sung with gusto, claiming that anyone can fall in love with anyone, and that the future remains happily unknown. Reliving her childhood love of 90s dance pop, Thompson-Hannant wants to capture the spirit of that era through pop music. It is colourful and cartoonish, yet always earnest. She aspires to create something that everyone is welcome to, and maintains only one rule: follow through on every musical desire she has.
A1. Eternally Girl 3:08
A2. Angel 4:41
B1. Eternally Girl (Kane West Remix) 4:23