“Overseas” is a live double-LP featuring Tonstartssbandht in their element: a collection of electrifying self-recorded shows in cities across Europe during an extensive Spring 2013 tour. This tour in particular had them traveling through Russia and Ukraine for a third time before turning west to make stops in places like Belarus, the Baltic States, Central Europe, and the UK. Their legendary live shows of heavy boogie-rock, psychedelic sludge, and harmonic vocal massing have long deserved a proper honoring on wax. The White brothers have always respected the immediacy of the “live take” when recording: the natural fullness of a single progression of moments captured without overdubs or extra tracking. It was only a matter of time before they set their sights on making a proper live album. They brought along a few extra microphones, cables, their lucky old laptop (RIP) and an 8-track interface to capture their sets, recording almost every show of the tour in its entirety. Every show was a new venue with new difficulties, boons, and possibilities. Seeking the right set-up for multi-track recording became a welcome nightly challenge. In addition, the brothers traveled primarily on trains and buses, relying graciously on unfamiliar loaned gear each night. The album is a testament to being and flowing constantly, with never a moment to worry about the circumstances we find ourselves in this life. At the end of the tour, they had 12 hours of material to carefully sift through, the end-result of which is “Overseas” – 80 minutes of visceral living, mixed up to a higher purpose and flowing downward to the greater space of lost time, cities, and the beautiful heaviness of music in the human heart.

A1. Alright / Roll On River / Last Train Home / Dad Beating Up Dudes Outro 11:24
A2. Deep Val Party / Sov Gott Rose-Marie 6:12
A3. Shot To La Parc 2:43
B1. Dad / Skyline / Olde Feelings 6:24
B2. Midnite Cobras / Welsh Souper 4:13
B3. Preston “Great-Ass” I'm Fat 2:59
B4. Soap Shop Rock 4:36
B5. Eolan Plates 0:40
C1. Hymn Our Garden 6:30
C2. Filmgebied 3:28
C3. First Taape 2:04
C4. Last Time 4:00
C5. Black Country 3:11
D1. Susie / Jessie / May The Circle Be Unbroken / Reva Pop 12:06
D2. Electric Dragon Sword / Speculatin' 3:45
D3. Rodas 1916 3:45