True Love

Better Person

True Love



Better Person is the moniker of Berlin-based Polish singer and balladeer Adam Byczkowski. Informed by 80’s power ballads, gentle sophisti-pop and forgotten Euro-Pop hits, Better Person presents an introspective and personal mix of beautifully sincere vocals and timeless song craft.

"True Love" is Better Person's new single – an effervescent ode to the singer's partner. Mixed and produced by Ben Goldwasser of MGMT, the song presents a new sonic palette, entering a world of warm summer breezes and crystalline emotional clarity.

"I originally wrote this song as a birthday present for my girlfriend Jane.

A few months later, as I was working on music with Ben in LA, I thought of it again and decided to re-approach it. While adding extra parts, it slowly gained a bit of an 80’s reggae feel, which made me very excited! I remember having a cigarette outside the studio and staring at a big, red sun setting above palm trees and tall buildings while the song was blasting from the speakers. It was a beautiful moment.

Even though I re-recorded this version of the track, the song itself still belongs to Jane, my true love."

Better Person began releasing music in 2015. An extensive string of EP's, singles and tours have resulted in a cult following for the project, particularly in Berlin's late-night underground pop scene. His 2017 single “Zakochany Człowiek” – sang entirely in Polish – garnered further attention, and in the summer of 2019 Better Person temporarily relocated to Los Angeles to work on new music.

1. True Love 3:45