Bon Ton Jas (w/ Kool Music)
Bon Ton Jas (w/ Kool Music) Bon Ton Jas (w/ Kool Music)

Sean Nicholas Savage

Bon Ton Jas (w/ Kool Music)



Bon Ton Jas is a split cassette EP by Sean Nicholas Savage and Kool Music. Born of friendship and creative kinship, both artists produced their sides independently but with each others’ sensibilities in mind.

Following the glossy disco of Mutual Feelings Of Respect And Admiration and the damaged R&B of this year’s Trippple Midnight Karma, Sean Nicholas Savage has wasted no time moving into new territory with his side of Bon Ton Jas. Savage deftly manoeuvres several musical landscapes: blue-eyed reggae (“True Love”), spacey ‘70s psych (“UFO”), anthemic ‘80s AOR (“Wasted Dream”, “Peace Man”) and even Caribbean-tinged synth pop (“Whisperin”, “Sony My Only”). All under gauzy production that complements his trademark high vocal register, Bon Ton Jas stands as a logical progression in the ever-developing oeuvre of Sean Nicholas Savage

A1. Kool Muisc "Hot House" 3:16
A2. Kool Muisc "The Secret Of The Ooze" 3:37
A3. Kool Muisc "Green Mountain Beauties" 3:49
A4. Kool Muisc "Sit Down In My Dream Lady" 3:50
A5. Kool Muisc "Running Back to Everyone" 4:36
A6. Kool Muisc "Bad Weed (Is It Tomorrow)" 3:19
A7. Kool Muisc "Mothra Kool (Play It Kool)" 3:00
A8. Kool Muisc "Sewer Surfin'!" 4:58
A9. Kool Muisc "My Generation" 2:50
B1. Sean Nicholas Savage "Whisperin" 4:00
B2. Sean Nicholas Savage "Sony My Only" 3:43
B3. Sean Nicholas Savage "True Love" 3:28
B4. Sean Nicholas Savage "UFO" 2:58
B5. Sean Nicholas Savage "Wasted Dream" 3:50
B6. Sean Nicholas Savage "Pink Sky" 3:20
B7. Sean Nicholas Savage "Peace Man" 3:29
B8. Sean Nicholas Savage "We're Cool" 3:37
B9. Sean Nicholas Savage "Midnight In Paris" 4:07