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DVC Refreshments

Hits Only



DVC Refreshments is the solo undertaking of songwriter/producer David Carriere (TOPS, Born At Midnite). Recorded in 2017 as a diversion, these songs are only now seeing the light of day in response to the malaise of lockdown. Absorbing energy from pop's dominant forms, Hits Only is the static shock of hyperactivity touching hands with point blank tunes and acute arrangements. This record isn't hiding much... 

'Wasted on the Real Thing' puts the listener into an intoxicated state. Momentary thoughts cycle through the mind, only to disappear without ever touching down. Sampled and pitch-shifted vocals carousel around a compact bass line, refraining "is there something to remember to write down? come by the air but for a seed to the ground"

Maddy Wilde's (Rapport) dauntless showing on 'Into the Grave' takes center stage while behind the scenes DVC's talk singing negotiates the 'what could have been' for an off-course present day. The song's low key finale sends a chorus of synth flutes flying above the clouds only for a homesick saxophone line to hammer the song back into the ground.

Side B is punctuated by Ida Maidstone (Hush Pup) and Jane Penny's (TOPS) backing vocals. The heartfelt 'Pink Lighter' knowingly ceases and continues as if to mimic the uncertainty in the lyrics. Where the carefree and unclouded 'Wildflower and Me' rarely deviates direction. Anyways, there are some cool and unique songs on this tape. David says "I hope you like my record"

1. Call You Tomorrow 1:54
2. Wasted on the Real Thing 2:44
3. Into the Grave ft. Maddy Wilde 2:24
4. Pink Lighter 2:54
5. Wildflower and Me 2:44
6. Hold Me in Your Arms 2:45