Trilogy Trilogy

Sean Nicholas Savage




Cult songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage is known for a tremendous output of heartbreaking ballads of an amateur or naive expression. Each new record is an adventure into sensitivity and nuance. 'Trilogy' collects standouts from Savage's fan-favourite string of cassette releases: Magnificent Fist (2016), Yummycoma (2017), Screamo (2018). Now available on LP for the first time, this pressing commemorates a remarkable era in Savage's career.

Savage writes –

“Trilogy is an inside retrospective of the best parts of a very free, in love and inspired period in my songwriting. The last of my self produced albums. The biggest flukes and the best dreams. Executed with a lot of love and a little luck for guidance. A kind of Greatest Hits of the era. Three albums as one. Fresher than they ever were, in moments more raw and others over polished, as i’ve come to love most of all. Thank You so very much for listening.”

L'auteur-compositeur culte Sean Nicholas Savage est connu pour sa formidable production de ballades déchirantes dont amateur ou naïve. Chaque nouvel album est une aventure dans la sensibilité et la nuance. 'Trilogie'; rassemble les éléments marquants de la série de cassettes préférées des fans de Savage : Magnificent Fist (2016), Yummycoma (2017), Screamo (2018). Désormais disponible en LP pour la première fois, ce pressage commémore une époque remarquable dans la carrière de Savage.


1. Music 4:53
2. Screamo (Video Mix) 3:26
3. Let Me Out 3:57
4. Everything Baby Blue 3:33
5. Opposing Truths (I Want You) 4:07
6. Over The Night (Lost Mix) 5:16
7. Splash (Video Mix) 4:30
8. Abracadabra (Video Mix) 3:55
9. Maybe Chain 3:47
10. The Last Emperor (Lost Mix) 4:02