Movin Up In Society
Movin Up In Society Movin Up In Society

Sean Nicholas Savage

Movin Up In Society



Recorded in a very small room, on a questionable 8-track tape machine, this marks Sean Nicholas Savage's command of classic pop music. The sound is a return to the straightforward approach of his earlier recordings, while the songwriting clearly demonstrates the depth and thought of his more recent music.


1. Gemini Heart 3:07
2. Giant In The Sky 3:03
3. Crazy People 2:39
4. Movin On 2:53
5. Rowdy River Of Love 2:21
6. Paradise O Paradise 3:06
7. Movin Up In Society 4:07
8. A Golden Dream 2:32
9. My Girl 2:34
10. The Bird Nest Princess 3:58
11. The Laughter Of Bad Men 3:06