In Kind // Amends


In Kind // Amends



After 18 months of touring in support of Native Speaker, along with the departure of a band member, BRAIDS secluded themselves in their Montreal studio for a year of writing and recording.  While Native Speaker was written in an organic and live environment, the group sought to explore a more introspective and electronic approach to songwriting. Sonically, the songs from these sessions  are delicate and tight, yet thoughtfully open up to the rich lushness reminiscent of their older material. Lyrically they are honest and vulnerable, demonstrating the group’s emotional growth and maturity since their last record.

The first single “In Kind”, hits the pinnacle of the group’s songwriting as a four piece. Written live, it is a layered and emotionally raw saga. The second single, “Amends”, is a strong contrast, and shows the group’s exploration into electronic and dance music. Filling out the 12″ are two exclusive tracks that explore the textured and atmospheric side of the band – the subtly percussive “Near Enough” and the mesmerizing “A Dawn in Me”.

1. In Kind 6:27
2. Near Enough 5:04
3. Amends 6:04
4. A Dawn In Me 6:58