Now I Am Become (Limited Edition)


Now I Am Become (Limited Edition)



“Now I Am Become” (2011, Arbutus Records) was Tonstartssbandht’s 5th proper album but 1st vinyl full-length. Re-issued now to a criminally limited run of 80 copies, each copy has it’s own unique hand-stencil-painted jacket, designed and graced by hallowed Canadian DIY noise/art/label legend Blake Hargreaves.

Cyclical, heavy-bummer-psych dirges recorded on both 4-track cassettes and sweet baby computers. The White Brothers carry their ever-calling lament of fraternally bound guitar and drum duosong lost in the space between a cappella choral movements and blown-out, serene confusion.

Now I Am Become offers a window into the world of two brothers at the turn of the decade, equal parts contented and sad, hopeful and heavy in their embrace of the cosmic joke. Everything is just too much and also just fine at the same time.

1. Rodas 1916 4:41
2. Shot To La Parc 4:43
3. Somersette 4:42
4. Holiness Aside 1:55
4. Big Day Today 3:28
5. Eifdn Aod Sulie 6:23
6. Monorail 3:18
7. Orange Miss You 4:20