Precious Necklace

Silly Kissers

Precious Necklace



The Silly Kissers’ debut vinyl release, with beautiful artwork by Christophe Jordache and a complementary digital download.

After traveling to the underworld and softening the black hearts of Hades and Persephone the Silly Kissers have returned again to the surface. With their beautiful new 10″ record “Precious Necklace”, they have caused the pantheon to be perpetually in tears and the nymphs to tear out their golden hair in ecstasy.

The title track is a Chinatown crunk party gone to heaven. “You Could Even Like Me” is so catchy it makes the Jackson Five sound like wild dogs running through a chicken coop. “Sweet Adrian” is a song about the greatest guy in the entire world and sounds even better. Somewhere in Baltimore “Ghost In Your Heart” is playing and somewhere in the same city Edgar Allan Poe has risen from the grave and begun a danse macabre. “Treat Me Like You Do” is engaged in a wild menage a trois with cleanliness and godliness, smelling of wildflowers and ambrosia.

The moment you stop listening to the Silly Kissers the mountains will crumble and the oceans will fill with blood. But as long as you have their songs stuck in your head you can never die. In honour of “Precious Necklace” I have built a stone tenement and slaughtered a big-horned ram. Let the latest and greatest of Orphic cults forever reign supreme.

1. mine r u mine 3:11
2. you could even like me 3:03
3. precious necklace 2:50
4. adrian 2:49
5. ghost in your heart 2:07
6. treat me like you do 2:51
7. little girl 2:00