Tender Opposites
Tender Opposites Tender Opposites Tender Opposites Tender Opposites Tender Opposites


Tender Opposites



We're delighted to offer the 10 year anniversary edition of Tender Opposites. It'll be sold with exclusive Cloudy Blue vinyl and a limited edition poster!

Tender Opposites is TOPS’ first full length. It was recorded by the band at La Brique, the loft venue which serves as the creative hub for Arbutus. The songs have a complexity that slips easily into the shadows of the moods that they create – alternating between melancholic visions of the future and ecstatic fantasies that overcome them. The persona that emerges belongs to vocalist Jane Penny. Her unique tone is coupled with a strength of perspective, a rebellious attitude that betrays her girlish appearance. They share the melodic dimension with her soft synth lines and David Carriere’s sharp guitar work; all of which is supported by a steady and attentive rhythm section of bassist Thom Gillies and drummer Riley Fleck.

Tender Opposites can be considered TOPS’s self nomination into the soft rock cannon, for while it pay homage to both past greats such as Fleetwood Mac, and Romeo Void and contemporaries like Ariel Pink and Twin Sister, it steers clear of a dependency on nostalgic revival or fleeting trends.

1. Evening 2:53
2. Diamond Look 3:53
3. VII Babies 3:11
4. Double Vision 6:38
5. Go Away 4:59
6. Turn Your Love Around 4:39
7. Rings Of Saturn 3:51
8 TOPS Theme 2:59